the brand

flip*flop was founded in 1997. Since then: Life is better in flip*flops! We bring the typical relaxed flip*flop feeling from the beach to the city, to home and to the spa with our easy-to-wear collection. Me*time, quality*time, instant*holiday feeling, an everyday escape into the comfort zone!

flip*flop is the right choice for almost every occasion 24/7: whether red carpet or wedding, beach or city. Affinity towards Design, fashion competence and the "easy to match"-idea are significant to the entire product range. The "flip*flop original" is the heart of the brand in terms of a trendy, ageless and timeless classic. It turns "the simplest shoe in the world" into a fashion item and advances to become a modern classic that is indispensable. Its pure form, concentrated on the essentials, the large selection of basic and ever new trend colours make the original a favourite shoe for women, men and kids. Among women, flip*flop has a brand awareness level of over 90 percent.

The most simple shoe in the world - and yet the flip*flop original moves safely on every ground: In addition to our collections, we always launch exciting co-operations with premium brands such as Porsche, Tamara Comolli or VOGUE.

What makes you an original?

How do you become an original? Which values make originals? Timelessness, trust, quality, unmistakability, joy

We live in a time in which the value of originals is increasing because they embody reliability and consistency. Values that we need to feel comfortable. Therefore we are all the more pleased to be surrounded by such a wonderful and authentic product every day. The flip*flop original - staged in a new light every season. An immovable style classic of our time, which we are very proud of. The flip*flop original has experienced great things in the recent years: exciting special editions and cooperations with brands and designers... and last but not least, it was the winner of an independent pollutant test.

Quality and sustainability is our priority and distinguishes us from no-name products that just survive a holiday. All our products are continuously subject to the strictest quality and pollutant tests according to German standards, we use 100% vegan materials. You can read more about our corporate responsibility on the website of our FAMILY HOLDING BERND HUMMEL.

Enjoy our products and the original as a 24/7 companion and "lifetime friend"!

Stay Original,
Anne-Katrin Hummel 
Managing&Creative Director

A little bit of history

1997 the flip*flop original is presented and the brand flip*flop is being registered in Germany. Already in 2001 the original is available in more than 50 colours and has established itself in the fashion world. In 2002 the German VOGUE awards the flip*flop original as "Highlight of the year". With the purchase of the brand flip*flop by Bernd D. Hummel in 2003 the flip*flop GmbH is founded and our product range has expanded.

In 2007 Anne-Katrin Hummel joined the family business as Creative Director of the brand flip*flop and together with her father Bernd D. Hummel managing director of the company. Her sister Julia Hummel joins the family business in 2008. We are Family!

With flip*flop MURKUDIS we started our first collaboration in 2009: The cooperation with fashion designer Kostas Murkudis really positioned flip*flop way beyond casual sandals: The first collection was launched at the Berlin Fashion Week and sold in top stores. To this day, exciting collaborations with premium labels continue to follow alongside seasonal collections.