As a family business, our values are traditionally shaped. For us, sustainability means thinking and planning for the long term. We create jobs in our home region, provide training and offer our employees attractive social benefits.
We believe that business should be conducted honestly, fairly and with respect. Our Code of Conduct sets out the standards of conduct by which the company is managed and by which we as employees act in our daily work. This Code is of utmost importance in all our business activities. All contracts entered and agreed by us shall comply with. Needless to say that no lower standards shall be accepted. This applies equally to employees, suppliers and customers.
Furthermore all these standards also apply to the quality of our products: We produce according to EU standards, REACH regulation and BSCI standard. Our flip*flop originals and many other models are 100% vegan. We do not use any leather or other animal materials. We are working on a certification that excludes animal ingredients in adhesives in order to guarantee the entire collection as vegan.
All flip*flop models are currently manufactured in a family owned production facility in Taiwan. Each production facility is permanently checked for compliance with these standards, both by our own employees on site and by independent institutions such as the Test and Research Institute for Shoe Manufacturing e.V. (PFI). On the website of our family holding Bernd Hummel you will find MORE INFORMATION ON CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.


We live and love the shoe tradition of our city!

With the company headquarters located in the historical NEUFFER AM PARK,a former shoe factory from 1894, we not only have a unique office, but also contribute to the revival of the historic shoe location Pirmasens. It makes us proud to continue the shoe history of our region.

In the HUMMEL&HUMMEL SCHUHMANUFAKTUR in Münchweiler near Pirmasens, which belongs to the company, we cultivate a small but extremely fine "Made in Germany" production of high-quality sneakers. In addition to the production of top shelf products, sustainability and the commitment to tradition are of prime importance to us.

Art & Culture: Our company headquarters include ART HALL NEUFFER AM PARKwhere we regularly invite to art exhibitions. The exhibitions are financed solely through our commitment and the sponsoring of associated companies. 100% of the guests' donations go to charitable organizations in the city of Pirmasens.

Home Sweet Home: We are committed to social projects - especially in our home town of Pirmasens - thus we regularly support public institutions and associations with donations in kind aswell as cash donations. As a member of the Future Initiative Rhineland-Palatinate, the Future Region Western Palatinate and Pirmasens City Marketing, we are committed to help shaping the economic development of the city, the region and the state.

For his merits in the entrepreneurial, social and cultural fields, our CEO and owner Bernd D. Hummel is awarded the Order of Merit of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate in 2016 by the Prime Minister Malu Dreyer. The city of Pirmasens honours the commitment of Bernd D. Hummel with the City Plaque of Honour in gold in 2008 and with the City Plaque of Honour in silver in 1998 for "outstanding services and appreciation of personality".

More information can be found on the website of the BERND HUMMEL HOLDING.